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July 28, 2016

Mountain Top or Valley: Which View is Better/Worse?

Martin Luther King Jr., everyone knows that his most famous speech “I Have A Dream” includes one of the most recognizable lines ever….”I’ve been to the mountain top….”. Growing up in an African American home, I must have heard my grandma and aunts sing a million Negro spirituals that mostly referred in some form or another to either the stellar view from “the mountain top” or the pains associated with being stuck “looking up from the valley”.

In most cases, these two views are looked upon as the preferred view of course being the view of looking down from the “mountain top”, and the not so good view being that of being stuck down in the deep dark valley looking up. I am here to tell you that this approach is totally inaccurate, and basically….just wrong! Here is why, first of all anyone looking down upon the treacherous paths that led from the valley to the mountain top, are well aware of the hard work and dedication that it took to get from point A to point B….that is what is called a victory…NO? How else can the journey truly be appreciated if one is not aware of all that it took to get there?

My point today is thus, just as the question “Is the glass half empty or half full” holds age old answers to many of life’s hardest questions….so too does the question of which view is preferred, which view is better. In many of my life’s greatest challenges, it was where I began that taught me the most, showed me the greatest truths, but then often times I was most humbled by the view I was afforded from the mountain top once I had arrived there. So I ask you, is one view truly better than the other, or are they simply relative? I would suggest that you allow ALL views to serve their given purpose within your life. Do not fear that you are ever anywhere other than where you need to be at that very moment. Personally, I believe that it matters not which view I am blessed to be experiencing at any given time, inasmuch as it is the blessing of understanding, of discernment, of knowing that no matter what….one day, every view I am privileged to experience will hold meaning and value to my journey here in this life.

Stay Up!

Loren Michaels Harris

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