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July 27, 2016
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July 29, 2016

#Michelle Madrid Branch..Thank You For Seeing Me

When you have waited a lifetime for someone to “SEE YOU”, for the opportunity to share your story….well, today IS that day for me! If it can happen for me, it certainly CAN happen for you!

Often times in life, things that you desire the most will appear within your life when you least expect them to. A little over a month ago, while perusing various motivational speaker sites, I landed on a site designed to empower and encourage women…the site was that of #Michelle Madrid Branch. I was instantly intrigued by the content I found on Michelle’s site, the stories were powerful, the videos touched my soul. I found myself leaving Michelle a comment which actually contained a question or two, never truly expecting a response, but within just a couple days I received an email from Heather Lei, Michelle’s publicist. Heather and I spoke extensively that day about the plight of children within the foster care system today, along with my also sharing some of my story of foster care.

The link contained within today’s post is the result of my having left a simply question on a site that I “stumbled across”. Of course, if you read my blog post which speaks to NOT BELIEVING IN WORDS THAT DECEIVE, then you already know that there is no way any of this transpired by “Mistake”. Here is what I would like for each of you to receive from this today, and please know that it is coming “through me” and NOT “from me”….trust in that force that is beyond the skies, believe in that Higher Power that dreams for you when you can not dream for yourself, and believe me when I tell you that there is in fact…a God. My story found within the link provided is proof of this.

I encourage each of you to visit Michelle’s site personally and experience for yourself Michelle’s gift.

Look without your eyes, look with your heart….and HE will do the rest.

Stay Up!


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