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August 14, 2016
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September 6, 2016

Never Say Never..Always Say Maybe!

The other day while driving, I heard myself say in my mind…”Boy, I’m NEVER going to.________again!”

I instantly caught myself and began to listen to that voice that ALWAYS interjects when there is a lesson I need to learn or be taught. The very first thing I heard was that I needed to remove this word NEVER (as used in the above context) from my vocabulary. I consistently speak to the importance of removing WORDS THAT DECEIVE from our vocabularies, as these words hold true power over the direction we ultimately take things within our lives.

When I make the claim that I will NEVER ________ again! (fill in the blank), I in all actuality am setting myself up to fail. Although at the moment while saying this I may believe with all my heart that I NEVER will_________again, odds are that the opportunity to_______, will present themselves again at some point or another. I decided right then and there to attempt to not say NEVER, but to say MAYBE instead. For instance, instead of saying; “I swear, I am never letting that person abuse my trust again!”, I might say; ” If I were to listen to the warning signs that are always present when I am dealing with this person, MAYBE I will better recognize when I am being led down this same path of eventual hurt. I realize this may all seem like perhaps I am being too picky, or that I am perhaps being petty…, but the fact of the matter is, whenever I say NEVER, it inevitably comes back to haunt me.

So back to what The Voice was telling me the other day about NEVER SAYING NEVER…, I was simply asked the question; “Wouldn’t it just be easier to say MAYBE or PERHAPS, thereby leaving your options open? I personally would have thought that this line of thinking would mean that I expected to travel down this road again at some point, but this was not what the question meant at all.

I suppose I should just come clean with you all and explain the context in which I was using the dreaded NEVER! Lol I was driving as I mentioned, and thinking to myself about how wonderful my life felt now that I was living my dream of motivational speaking. I remember saying to myself; “I’m NEVER going to have to worry about whether I will achieve my dreams or not, because I already am living them.” Well, think about it…., as it has been all along on this journey, things happen to us in layers, once we achieve one level of the dream, we immediately begin the quest to conquer the challenges within the current level.

Life is full of surprises…oftentimes it requires more than one attempt to overcome a certain challenge, and there is nothing wrong with this. What matters ultimately is that we do in fact conquer the challenge, pass the test, cross the abyss.

By using the vernacular MAYBE, I am giving myself permission to MAYBE one day need a refresher course or to MAYBE admit there is still more for me to learn. It basically all boils down to our remembering that we each are merely the pencil, and that there is something at work much greater then we are, which serves as the hand which controls the pencil.

There is one thing I do know about the word NEVER, and that is…NEVER give up on your dreams, for if you continue your quest for them, there will be no MAYBE, you WILL see each and every one of them come true….and then some!

Stay Up!


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