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September 22, 2016
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November 28, 2016

Organizing Your Internal Closets

Everyone organizes their closets differently! Me…, I have a basic system wherein I hang all of my heavy items such as coats, jackets, sweaters, etc…from the back of the closet forward. Next you will find all of my long sleeve shirts, then short sleeve shorts, then pants. There was once a day when I took this system even more seriously, every section was also organized from darkest colors to lightest, solids to prints, but as I grew older i found that I began to care less and less about the intricate color details.

Have you ever peaked inside someone else’s closet and no matter how well you felt yours was organized, the system they had in place just made yours seem like anything BUT organized? I have, and I am sure you have too. I have now, in my wiser, more seasoned years, learned that the type of organization is not as important as the overall need for organization is. We each organize not only the closets within our homes differently, but kitchen cupboards, junk drawers, garages, basements, attics, even glove compartments within our vehicles. How many times have you seen someone else’s idea of “organized”, only to say something like: “how do you find anything in this mess?”…only to hear the response; “I know where everything in here is!” Lol This just further proves my point that it is not necessarily the method or type of organization, inasmuch as it is the clear understanding of the NEED for some type of system., after all, have you never heard the term “an organized mess”?

Just as the need for some type of organization is warranted in most of the examples mentioned above, the same applies to the organization of our dreams, goals, and desires in life. The countless “How To” and motivational books mean absolutely nothing if once you have read them you have no idea of how to implement them, or incorporate them into some form of a system within your life. Just as I have items within my closest that are rarely needed or used, say seasonal items for instance, located in or near the back of my closet, so it should be with those things in my life that are not providing me what I need to be productive, comfortable, and safe within my life today,… during my current season of need.

At least once a year I make it a point to go through my closet and throw out or donate those items that are simply no longer useful, so it should be in my mental, spiritual, and emotional closets as well. Often times we feel that nothing new is making its way into our closets, and in most cases this is true, but only due to the fact that there is no room within those various closets for anything new because we are unwilling to clean out and let go of those countless no longer useful/needed items that are simply taking up precious real estate, real estate that could be better served if only it were cleaned up and placed back on the market.

Today, take a look at the condition of the tangible closets in your life and then compare their condition to the internal closets of your life, I guarantee you, there will be similarities throughout. Why? It’s simple, because what we see going on on the outside of our lives, is a pretty good indication of what is going on on the inside. Organize your outer closets and I promise you, with a little bit of patience and faith…the inner closets will follow.,

Stay Up!

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