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October 13, 2016
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December 18, 2016

An Evil Lurks Among Us: How Drugs Are Finding Their Way Into Our Children’s Lives

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were an “Amber Alert” that could automatically be sent to each and every parent if and when there was any threat whatsoever that your child was in danger of experimenting with/using drugs?

Drug use is casting a net that is wider now than any time in history! I have actually Goggled “Drug Epidemics In America” and the stories that pop up are virtually never ending! Story after story speaks to the urgent situations that so many towns across our country are experiencing where hard drugs such as prescription pain killers and heroin are finding their way into our middle schools and our neighborhoods that not so long ago…appeared at least on the outside, to be safe.

Many parents are finding that the proverbial “wool” has been pulled over their eyes wherein it pertains to their being “aware” of this threat within their own homes, and they are finding out far too late in the game.

So how exactly is this happening, and what can we do about it? That is the six million dollar question! For many years now, millions upon millions of Federal and State dollars have been earmarked for programs within our schools and communities that begin the awareness process of teaching our children the dangers of experimenting with drug use, yet and still the numbers of children becoming actively addicted continue to rise at an alarming rate!

Over the past couple of months, I have had the privilege of mentoring a young person who is currently incarcerated for a property crime and possession charges, this young man could face up to eight years in prison if things don’t go well. This possibility of incarceration however, is the least of worries for the parents, their deepest concern is that IF their son should be given an additional chance at recovery on the outside, what will happen if he relapses, gets out of the county jail only to reuse, overdose….die?

Millions of loving, caring parents deal with this catch 22 situation each and every day, and the numbers are increasing by the second, so what are we to do? How are we as parents supposed to successfully battle an enemy that has the ability to shape shift, to don a cloak of invisibility, to enter through the front door of our hearts and homes and steal the lively hood of our children away from us, right under our noses?

I believe the answer or at least the “beginning” of finding these answers, lies within each parent’s desire to love their child no matter what! Addiction is as crafty as a fox, and as powerful as a herd of stampeding bulls! In my opinion, our only recourse is dialog, the sharing of thoughts and ideas, the sharing of the stories of what signs were missed by speaking to parents who have lived the worst case scenario already. I believe we need to have those hard to get to discussions with not only our kids, but seek out and put it on the line with those who think it is okay to introduce drug use to our children.

Over the next 30 days, I will be posting a blog series which will begin to outline and express some of the signs that can possibly assist any parent in the art of DRUG DETECTING 101! Signs that if seen early enough, could very well one day not only save your child from the worst decision of their lifetime, but save their life…literally!

I would love any feedback that any of you would like to offer as these 30 days progress. If we all simply “talk”, share what we know firsthand, as well as all we have learned from the experiences of others…perhaps we can save even one, we MUST begin somewhere…agreed?

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