August 30, 2016

Never Say Never..Always Say Maybe!

The other day while driving, I heard myself say in my mind…”Boy, I’m NEVER going to.________again!” I instantly caught myself and began to listen to that […]
August 14, 2016

Facing Your Fears of the Unknown

How many times have you wished for something, dreamed of something, or hoped for something with all of your heart? Now ask yourself this; “How many […]
August 8, 2016

When Your Needs Are Special

This past week I was booked to do a keynote speech for a school that serves a purpose that is of the highest calling in my […]
August 6, 2016

How Do You Really “See” Yourself?

My life partner, Brian…is always reminding me how one of the things that he fell in love with me for, was my ability to walk up […]
August 3, 2016

Grabbing Life By The Roots

Yesterday I walked into the front yard, completely prepared to embark upon my relaxation task of the day….the weeding of the flowerbed. As I assessed the […]
August 2, 2016

Appreciating Today…The Here and Now

I consider myself a “seize the moment” sort of guy, you know…the type who tries to not remain too stuck in the past, and tries to […]
  • Kim Jorgensen-Gane
    "Loren Michaels Harris auditioned and won a spot in our cast to read "LOST OR FOUND" in the 2016 Listen to Your Mother: Southwest Michigan show which I produce and co-direct locally. He. Was. Fabulous! Wonderful to work with. Very open to suggested edits and coaching. He is so clear on his message that he speaks off the cuff as smoothly and confidently as he reads a prepared piece. He was cool under pressure and absolutely delivered. A consummate professional. I would work with him anytime!"
    Kim Jorgensen-Gane
    Listen To Your Mother (Southwest Michigan/Saint Joseph, Michigan)
  • Leila El-Badawi
    "My clients really enjoyed Loren Michaels Harris, and we will be bringing him back!"
    Leila El-Badawi
    Yes! Chicago/Tap In Academy (Chicago, Illinois)
  • Elsa Montoya
    "Loren took the time to learn about the audience ahead of time. Used visual examples - Reliable - Effective with what we wanted to accomplish - even after he was gone the team kept using his speech through the rest of the meeting. He even surprised the team with a personalized video!"
    Elsa Montoya
    Whirlpool Corporation (Saint Joseph, Michigan)
  • Grace Allaman
    "Loren Michaels Harris spoke at our high school's Operation Snowball weekend, a lock-in focused on drug prevention, leadership and team building attended by 80 students. He is such a kind person and passionate, engaging speaker. He spoke about overcoming obstacles, keeping a positive mindset, and how our every action sends a ripple effect into the world. Several of our participants were emotionally moved by his inspiring story and came up to talk with him afterward, where he took time to have personal conversations and give encouragement. His message was powerful, uplifting, and exactly what our audience needed to hear. Thank you, Loren, for an unforgettable experience!"
    Grace Allaman
    Washington High School (Washington, Illinois)
  • Amelia Thomas
    "Loren was excellent! He took the time to create a presentation that was relevant to our population and heart felt. I would highly recommend him for future events."
    Amelia Thomas
    AIDS Ministries/AIDS Assist of Northern Indiana
  • Debbie Fliehman
    "Loren Michaels Harris was absolutely amazing. I will recommend him to the moon and back. We will hire him again!"
    Debbie Fliehman
    President, Creative Technical Resources, Inc.
  • Sheryl Wagemann
    "Loren Michaels Harris excited my school audience of teachers, therapists, social workers and paraprofessionals! He is a vibrant speaker that uses examples we can all relate as well as to clearly articulating his point. He mixes music, video with real world experiences that can certainly perk up an audience. His message was relevant to our needs and he does his homework. Not only was he a "Motivational" speaker, but we all can walk away with something that can be applied in our everyday lives in and out of the workplace. My staff is requesting that he return mid-year for the "boost" they need to motivate and inspire them to assist in completing a successful school year! Double thumbs up for Loren! Outstanding!"
    Sheryl Wagemann
    Principal, PAEC 803



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