Loren Michaels Harris, a survivor of the foster care system and an adoptee, strives to share the combined learnings of his time within the foster care system and his life experiences with those seeking insight into how to accomplish the most out of their lives.

Loren specializes in working with middle school through high school youth and correctional systems, but the depth and variety of his topics resonate with a much broader audience. He draws upon his upbringing, which includes 22 mothers in total, and his original mu-sic to motivate and inspire others in overcoming their obstacles to success and achieving the life they want.

Loren has spoken across a broad spectrum of industries and organizations as well as multiple media channels. Engagements include schools, speaker associations, & large corporations such as Whirlpool.




Recording Artist.

Mentor & Coach.

  • Leila El-Badawi
    "My clients really enjoyed Loren Michaels Harris, and we will be bringing him back!"
    Leila El-Badawi
    Yes! Chicago/Tap In Academy (Chicago, Illinois)
  • Sheryl Wagemann
    "Loren Michaels Harris excited my school audience of teachers, therapists, social workers and paraprofessionals! He is a vibrant speaker that uses examples we can all relate as well as to clearly articulating his point. He mixes music, video with real world experiences that can certainly perk up an audience. His message was relevant to our needs and he does his homework. Not only was he a "Motivational" speaker, but we all can walk away with something that can be applied in our everyday lives in and out of the workplace. My staff is requesting that he return mid-year for the "boost" they need to motivate and inspire them to assist in completing a successful school year! Double thumbs up for Loren! Outstanding!"
    Sheryl Wagemann
    Principal, PAEC 803



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