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July 28, 2016
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July 31, 2016

The Alphabet of Your Life

Each and every day that we exist within this world, can and should be looked upon as an individual line within our overall life story. Just as each word that we write or speak is comprised of various letters, creating that sentence which expresses our thoughts or feelings, so are the individual experiences we encounter every day.

Within the alphabet there are letters that are rarely used but nonetheless, necessary…,for example; Q and Z. Although we may not find the need to use the letters Q and Z that often, they are there for a reason of course and this is precisely the same as those times within our lives that we would rather forget or forego, we may not see the need for them… but they are necessary to the overall story.

When we compartmentalize the happenings in our lives, we look at our lives out of context, which can change the overall meaning of our story at any given time. When reading a book, we utilize some type of bookmark, whether it be a traditional bookmark or by simply folding down the corner of a page. The purpose of the bookmark is to assist us in knowing where we left off and where to resume, the same system should be applied to life. When you end your day, review the entire day and not just the good or the bad that stands out, this is reviewing your story in its fullness…in context, and the only true way to fully appreciate the pages you have read or written.

Remember, we each have a unique and wonderful story to not only write with our lives, but a story that has the potential to impact and influence the overall good in all that we encounter. One day when we are long departed from this earth, if we have done our duty and written our life’s story…one day at a time and in context, those that reach to learn and grow from the pages we have left will benefit greatly from a story that is told in its entirety. A story that is to be remembered is that story that tells it all, the good, the not-so-good, and everything in between…for that is the only way for the readers of tomorrow to truly know that we were indeed here, and exactly who we were.

Again, every day is a letter in the alphabet of your life….use each letter to write the story of a lifetime!

So tell me, have you began writing a story you will be proud to have read someday?

Stay Up!


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