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July 31, 2016
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August 3, 2016

Appreciating Today…The Here and Now

I consider myself a “seize the moment” sort of guy, you know…the type who tries to not remain too stuck in the past, and tries to not race too far into the future, but that is not always so easy. Today, I am particularly focused on stressing just how important it is that we not only appreciate today, but all those we love on a daily basis.

One year ago today, Andrea….the first cousin of my soulmate Brian, passed away unexpectedly…leaving behind two small sons and many friends and family who loved her dearly. This morning I observed as Brian sent text messages to various family members in support of what surely must be a tough day for all. I could not help but think; “how quickly things within our lives can change.”

How many times do we have good intentions of calling or texting those we love simply to say hello, but find ourselves too busy, too distracted, too tired? I am so guilty of this, it’s not even funny! So what do I do about this? How can I do better?

Here is what I challenge not only myself, but each of you to do…..Choose one specific day of the week and make that your “SHARE THE LOVE DAY”! Pick up the phone and actually dial that loved one’s phone number, try to reach them personally and not just text them. Pick up a greeting card that will surely bring a smile to that person’s face as they hear your voice while reading it because it sounds so much like you. If nothing else, offer up a prayer of blessing in honor of that special loved one…trust me, prayers do wonders.

Whatever you choose to do, just do something! Don’t let the days slip into oblivion without at least making a small effort to appreciate today….the here and now, after all…life as we know it….can change in the blink of an eye.

Thank you Andrea for touching so many lives, including mine……yesterday, today, and tomorrow! Rest well……

Stay Up!

Loren Michaels Harris

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