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August 8, 2016
Never Say Never..Always Say Maybe!
August 30, 2016

Facing Your Fears of the Unknown

How many times have you wished for something, dreamed of something, or hoped for something with all of your heart? Now ask yourself this; “How many times have I passed on an opportunity simply because it was something new or different, something perhaps that I had never done before, or something that made me feel ‘uncomfortable’?”

Most of us, if we are being honest, can admit to having fallen within both of the categories listed above at some point or another…I know that I certainly have. When thinking back over the various times in my life when I truly felt regret and/or disappointment over not stepping up and going for something, or was envious of someone else’s achievements…, in most of these cases I can follow the bread crumbs back to the origin…back to my own fears and self-doubts.

For many years, I blamed everyone and everything other than myself for my constantly being left in the starting blocks while the rest of the field sped forward in the race. Often it felt as if my entire world was covered in some metaphysical form of Super Glue, that no matter how hard I tried to get past certain obstacles or barriers, they somehow would attach themselves to me and I could not shake them free no matter how hard I tried. In a nutshell…I was stuck!

After many years of trial and error, many years of “I wish I would’ve…I know I could’ve”, I finally had had enough…it was time to be adhesive free, it was time to get UNSTUCK!

So how did I achieve this, or at the very least begin the process of moving forward in my life? I went in search of the universal adhesive remover, that one product that was rumored to remove and wash away the toughest of glues, and boasted a universal promise to get all who truly desired…UNSTUCK! I found a product called FAITH.

In finding FAITH, I finally found a product that works on the strongest glues, and offers a money back guarantee if it doesn’t 100% get you out of the stickiest situations. In finding FAITH, I found a product that works whether I apply a single solitary drop, or if I from sheer desperation, wind up dumping the entire bottle on.

Where does one order this wonder product, this miracle working glue remover? Well that is the most exciting part of all, all of us already has a lifetime supply which is kept in a storage room within us labeled “OUR HEART”. If we only believe that there IS something grater than ourselves at work within the universe, if we only believe that if we seek, we will find, and if we only believe that love surpasses all…then we will be shown the key which opens the storeroom to happiness.

Open your heart to magical possibilities and The Creator will do the rest….simply believe and it will be so, I promise!

Face your fears by embracing the concept of FAITH which is believing in something grater then yourself, followed by belief in yourself.

Faith….the key to getting UNSTUCK, order yours while supplies last!

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