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September 14, 2016
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October 13, 2016

Staying the Course

Often in life when we are attempting to accomplish something of importance, overcome something stressful, or are just simply trying to keep our head above water…we experience the call to abandon ship, jump overboard, to simply quit! To feel overwhelmed when attempting to master the truly complicated in life is a compleatly normal experience, IF one is prepared to answer the call to abandon ship with a resounding NO!

Many situations REQUIRE that we abandon ship, not so that we can drown in the dark, murky waters below, but so that we may move to a different vessel in which to continue our journey. I sometimes find myself becoming impatient with life, wanting all the things I am working towards to manifest right now, today

When feeling as if the scenery of life is moving too slowly, or experiencing fear that the course you are on has somehow been altered…what should you do? Does one panic? Does one prepare to abandon ship? The answer to that depends…, it depends on what the conditions of the situation warrant. Many times it boils down to simply battening down the hatches, securing the line, riding the storm out, and then there are those times that we must do whatever is required to insure we remain afloat.

If your ship is truly prepared for the journey of a lifetime, then you must never forget that it was prepped from the very beginning with all you would need in the case of choppy waters, seemingly insurmountable waves, or even should you run aground. We forget some times that even in the darkest of nights, when the darkness is so thick that we cannot see our own hand directly in front of us, there is a compass placed deep within our spirits.

Faith is that compass, it is the device in which we can always place our complete trust…no matter what. Faith is that thing that leads us directly to the perfect size lifeboat if and when we should ever need to change traveling vessels. Faith is the rope that we can hold on to in order to avoid being swept overboard during the storm. Faith…, it is the brightly shining light, that one we can faintly make out somewhere in the distance in the blackest of nights. Faith…it was the boarding pass we all were presented with when we initially began our voyage, and it will serve as the baggage claim ticket once we have reached our destination.

So remember, as you steer your way towards the shores of your dreams…hold on, hold on, hold on! If by chance you should ever find yourself being thrown towards the railing of the ship, never fear, simply hold on to your faith, believe and allow your inner compass to stay the course!

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