Fighting For Foster Care & Adoption

As a foster care survivor, having endured transitioning between 22 foster homes over a period of 5 years, Loren now dedicates much of his free time to the fight for change within both the foster care system and adoption world.

“It’s been 42 years since I personally aged out of what was an already broken system, to discover that after all these years, not much at all has improved. The needle of positive change within the foster care system in our country has barely moved at all and I personally find that fact completely unacceptable. If I can do one thing before I die that improves the existence of even one child forced to survive within the foster care system, than I will consider my life a true success story.”


“I am only one child, but in total there were 22 mothers. 22 individual women who wore their own distinct “version” of what it means to be...a mother. 22 individual women who saw something totally different from the other, each and every time they looked at me. 22 different faces that I would either squeeze with all my might to remember in times of pain, heartbreak, or misery…or push away with all my might to forget.”

  • Grace Allaman
    "Loren Michaels Harris spoke at our high school's Operation Snowball weekend, a lock-in focused on drug prevention, leadership and team building attended by 80 students. He is such a kind person and passionate, engaging speaker. He spoke about overcoming obstacles, keeping a positive mindset, and how our every action sends a ripple effect into the world. Several of our participants were emotionally moved by his inspiring story and came up to talk with him afterward, where he took time to have personal conversations and give encouragement. His message was powerful, uplifting, and exactly what our audience needed to hear. Thank you, Loren, for an unforgettable experience!"
    Grace Allaman
    Washington High School (Washington, Illinois)
  • Amelia Thomas
    "Loren was excellent! He took the time to create a presentation that was relevant to our population and heart felt. I would highly recommend him for future events."
    Amelia Thomas
    AIDS Ministries/AIDS Assist of Northern Indiana



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