Loren has authored featured articles within many national publications, most recently being featured in both Foster Focus and Adoption Today magazines.

Loren also authors a monthly motivational column geared to motivate and inspire entrepreneurs for MoneyInc.com.

“How To Get Speaking Gigs Fast!”, was Loren’s first book which quickly became an Amazon #1 best seller.

Loren’s follow-up book; “Fostering Your Message: How to grow your message for the masses” is also an Amazon #1 best seller.

Loren publishes his blog weekly and believes that sharing his experiences, insights, and personal truths through writing as well as speaking, is the greatest joy his life has ever experienced.

How to Get Speaking Gigs Fast

Available Now

For anyone who has ever dreamed of launching a career as a speaker, searched for a step-by-step guide to assist them in speaking to gain more business, or simply wanted the resources to enable them to become a better presenter…this is the book that you’ve been looking for!

In How To Get Speaking Gigs Fast!, you will find chapter after chapter of clear and concise instruction on how to achieve everything from finding your unique message, identifying your ideal audience, how to achieve the 3 M’s (Market, Message, and Media), plus much more! From how to develop a sure fire follow-up system to the gathering of the tools of the trade, How To Get Speaking Gigs Fast! promises to get anyone who is dedicated “off their seat and onto their feet”! From seasoned professionals to the first time speaker, this book will certainly give your speaking the shot in the arm needed to get you quickly on your way to sharing your message and getting paid to do so!

Fostering Your Message

Available Now On Amazon

In this book, Loren takes readers by the hand and guides them from the difficult starting point of identifying their message, directly to that place where meeting planners and decision makers convene to find unique and engaging speakers for their speaking needs.

Foster Your Message is designed to not only mentor those who are anxious to begin sharing their message with the world, but to also guide the reader through the various stages of understanding which are required in order to one day authentically present their message. Within these pages readers will be introduced to insights that will provide enormous levels of self-healing, another requirement for anyone who is dedicated to the healing of others. From ‘Finding the courage to look over your shoulder’, to discovering the 3 keys that open every door; truth, consistency, and selflessness, Fostering Your Message is a must read for anyone who has already lived the hard part and is now prepared to share with the world just how they have made it through to where they currently exist.

  • Kim Jorgensen-Gane
    "Loren Michaels Harris auditioned and won a spot in our cast to read "LOST OR FOUND" in the 2016 Listen to Your Mother: Southwest Michigan show which I produce and co-direct locally. He. Was. Fabulous! Wonderful to work with. Very open to suggested edits and coaching. He is so clear on his message that he speaks off the cuff as smoothly and confidently as he reads a prepared piece. He was cool under pressure and absolutely delivered. A consummate professional. I would work with him anytime!"
    Kim Jorgensen-Gane
    Listen To Your Mother (Southwest Michigan/Saint Joseph, Michigan)
  • Debbie Fliehman
    "Loren Michaels Harris was absolutely amazing. I will recommend him to the moon and back. We will hire him again!"
    Debbie Fliehman
    President, Creative Technical Resources, Inc.



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