Loren believes that as a speaker, someone dedicated to the sharing of various truths with others, he must approach this calling as authentically as possible. Nurturing a “give back” mindset is just one of the ways that Loren strives to show the world by example; that the topics he speaks on are far more than simply carefully crafted words of encouragement…they are also purposeful actions, on and off the stage.

“I believe that in order to keep all that adds joy, light, and love to our lives…we must be willing to give it away, to share it with others who are still seeking what we already have. What I love and cherish most about what I do, is how just as there are multiple stages in life on which to share our stories, there are multiple ways of being compensated for doing so. Looking out from stage and seeing the look within the eyes of an audience member which says to me; “You see me, you understand me, you get how I feel…, this is the most rewarding payment of all!”

The beautiful thing about sharing your truths with the world, is when you share the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth…you are sharing the only thing within the universe that never changes.

Speaking Topics

The Ripple Effect — Each of us creates an everlasting imprint upon the world with each and every action. Learn how those things you consider to be “mountains” are truly often times “mole hills”. Those things that are of-ten times skimmed over, perceived as “mole hills”, can one day be revealed as having been “mountains”

Writing Your Never Ending Story — Experience the life changing moment when you are introduced to some in-credible ways in which to connect or reconnect with the true author of your never ending story. Learn how to transform an everyday life into one others can only dream about.

Reinventing Blame —Blame, the #1 killer of dreams known to man. Self-blame, the blaming of others, and the blaming of life experiences is the primary source of "passion depletion" within society. Learn how to effectively reverse the negative effects of blame, thereby converting the blaming process into a positive contribution to your life and the lives of those around you.

  • Kim Jorgensen-Gane
    "Loren Michaels Harris auditioned and won a spot in our cast to read "LOST OR FOUND" in the 2016 Listen to Your Mother: Southwest Michigan show which I produce and co-direct locally. He. Was. Fabulous! Wonderful to work with. Very open to suggested edits and coaching. He is so clear on his message that he speaks off the cuff as smoothly and confidently as he reads a prepared piece. He was cool under pressure and absolutely delivered. A consummate professional. I would work with him anytime!"
    Kim Jorgensen-Gane
    Listen To Your Mother (Southwest Michigan/Saint Joseph, Michigan)
  • Debbie Fliehman
    "Loren Michaels Harris was absolutely amazing. I will recommend him to the moon and back. We will hire him again!"
    Debbie Fliehman
    President, Creative Technical Resources, Inc.



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