Loren Michaels Harris is a captivating and highly sought after keynote speaker

Loren says;
“Whenever someone pulls me aside and asks me what they should be looking for when seeking that perfect keynote speaker for their audience, I always recommend this…, Imagine those people that you love more than anyone else in the world, now would you trust this person to speak with your loved ones regarding how they should make necessary changes within their lives? If you would not trust this person to step inside the mindset of your loved ones…then you should most likely NOT trust them to achieve your objectives wherein it pertains to your audience.

Having influence over the minds and hearts of others is something that should never be taken lightly. Whatever entrée a speaker is serving their audience; it should always be authentic, based in life-lived experiences, and should never, ever be a zero calorie meal for the audience.

Current Speaking Topics

The ripple effect
For every action, there is a reaction. For every cause, there is an effect. This keynote embraces the audience from moment #1, grabbing them and literally pulling them through a portal of accountability. With there being only two sponsoring thoughts; LOVE or FEAR, every seed we sow, every ripple we create within life will create an outcome based on our original intent. This presentation is intended to remind us all of the importance of our actions, and to realign the most cynical mindset with a mindset of purpose and the need to be of service to others.
Reinventing blame

When most people are asked what the primary reason is that they are not as successful, not as happy, or not as financially stable as they would like to be…, they quickly begin reciting a laundry list of people and/or events that are responsible for their lives NOT measuring up to where they believe they should be. This keynote is designed to re-condition the mind, to re-visit those events that have seemingly held us back in life, to re-member ourselves to the purpose-driven people we truly are, to enable us, once and for all…, to re-invent blame. Each and every thing we have ever been made to experience, has been designed to make us stronger individuals, thereby re-defining us as authorities on whatever it is we have lived through. This presentation will leave your audience with the understanding that there are no mistakes, merely blessings and successes in the making.

Replace your walls with doors and windows!
This keynote is a true game-changer! Many of us have no idea that the key to removing limiting beliefs and the discontinuance of self-sabotage can easily be found within the manner in which we speak to ourselves and others. “Words That Deceive” is the main focus of this keynote, zeroing in on everyday self-talk that we all are guilty of utilizing that is actually designed to blind us to our true blessings in life. During this presentation we explore commonly used so-called remedies or advice such as; “Somehow you’ll GET FROM UNDERNEATH THIS”, “Don’t worry, there must be SOME WAY AROUND THIS”, or this fan favorite…”Why don’t you just GET OVER IT!” Each of these statements is an example of what I refer to as WALL TALK. Opportunities are found on the other side of doors and windows…not walls! Have you ever heard of a ‘wall of opportunity’? No…they are doors of opportunity, windows of opportunity. How we see things, determines how we receive things. After all, when we can see through something, it is proof we can get through that something.

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