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Who is Loren Michaels Harris?

Loren Michaels Harris is a champion for transparency and truth. Transparency for its’ ability to turn darkness into light, and truth for promising to be the first thing we see once we are within that very light.

Loren believes that only when we can be truthful to first ourselves, will we then have the ability to ‘see through’ any and everything that lives within the framework, of the fabric to which we each refer…, as life.

Loren choses a “Road-To-Legacy” mindset; a mindset which demands a constant reinventing of oneself, along with a continuous commitment to re-membering. A re-memberence of celebration, which pays homage to those times and places within our journeys that have provided us the greatest lesson of all…, self-love.

‘Back when all my diamonds were fake…so was I.
Once I became real…so too became the diamonds.’
– Loren Michaels Harris


Jeff WeinikeChicago, Illinois
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It was Loren’s passion and his understanding in his own process, that has given all of us great hope as far as what we can do with our own messages. Today was one of the greatest days of my life! I could listen to Loren and his unique version of story telling all day, every day.
Dr. Rachal Williams-SmithOakwood University Huntsville, AL
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Very often when you go to events like this, you get a lot of information that’s a one-way feed…,and you don’t get the interaction and the feedback you need. I feel that the unique manner in which Loren brought the ideas, concepts, and strategies today is a vital piece of what we all are looking for in order to get to the levels in life we seek to achieve.
Jim EdgertonCEO/Business On The Board
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The most important take-away I learned today from Loren was how to use more emotion within my business! My business is called “Business On The Board”, and one thing I now realize, is that one thing I have never used within my business is emotion. My primary responsibility in my business is decision making, and I have to admit that most decisions are made based on emotions. Thank you Loren Michaels Harris for opening my eyes and my mind to the power of emotions.
Ali P.Downers Grove South High School Downers Grove, IL
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Loren was an absolute pleasure to have a speaker at our recent Operation Snowball retreat. Not only was his story and message ideal, but he did a great job of tailoring it to our student population. He made a real connection with students that might not easily connect well to adults. I highly recommend him!
Grace A.Waukesha High School Waukesha, WI
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Loren Michaels Harris spoke at our high school's Operation Snowball weekend, a lock-in focused on drug prevention, leadership, and team building attended by 80 students. He is such a kind person and passionate, engaging speaker. He spoke about overcoming obstacles, keeping a positive mindset, and how our every action sends a ripple effect into the world. Several of our participants were emotionally moved by his inspiring story and came up to talk with him afterward, where he took time to have personal conversations and give encouragement. His message was powerful, uplifting, and exactly what our audience needed to hear. Thank you, Loren, for an unforgettable experience!
Elsa MontoyaWhirlpool Corp. World Headquarters Saint Joseph, MI
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Loren took the time to learn about our audience ahead of time and used visual examples that aided greatly in getting his message and OUR goal across to our audience of Global Team Leaders from around the world. Loren was reliable and effective with what we wanted to accomplish - even after he was gone the team kept using his methods and referring to elements of his speech through the rest of the week! Loren also surprised the team with a personalize video, encouraged participation and received it in full force through a brilliant ‘ice breaker’ based on the television game show ‘The Price Is Right”! Phenomenal job Loren, which is why we brought him aboard as a Whirlpool Corporation vendor!
Deborah FeldmanChicago, IL
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Loren Michaels Harris was absolutely amazing. I will recommend him to the moon and back! He is talented, professional, and a very nice, genuine person. Our audience loved him. He engaged with the attendees and became an integral part of our program. We will hire him again!
Kim Jorgensen-GaneCo-Producer Listen To Your Mother Southwest Michigan Saint Joseph, MI
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Loren Michaels Harris auditioned and won a spot in our cast to read "LOST OR FOUND" in the 2016 Listen to Your Mother: Southwest Michigan show which I produce and co-direct locally. He. Was. Fabulous! Wonderful to work with. Very open to suggested edits and coaching. He is so clear on his message that he speaks off-the-cuff as smoothly and confidently as he reads a prepared piece. He was cool under pressure and absolutely delivered. A consummate professional. I would work with him anytime!