Cheryl Angela

Today’s Bathrobe Moments is with Cheryl Angela♥️

Posted by Loren Harris on Thursday, October 31, 2019

Tomorrow on Bathrobe Moments we get a heavenly visit from one of the Angels…Cheryl Angela! Read on and you’ll soon discover why you won’t want to miss this awesome episode of Bathrobe Moments! Cheryl Angela is one of the kindest, most giving spirits I believe I have ever encountered, and I love her dearly! Join us at 8am CST and share this out…tell a friend! They WILL thank you later. xoxo

Cheryl Angela “The Superpower Catalyst” and world renowned “Harpreneur” is a
transformational coach, healer, and musician (harp and voice) who grew up between
Nottingham, England and Belfast, Northern Ireland. Her strong intuitive and healing abilities
were apparent from early childhood and she has honed these gifts over her lifetime to use in the
service of humanity.
Cheryl currently resides in San Diego, CA where she maintains a global practice working with
powerful leaders, global change-makers, celebrities, Hollywood actors, major artists and
musicians, innovators, impact entrepreneurs, , healers and philanthropists helping them to
access and ignite their “super-powers” and their X-factor so they can be of highest contribution
to the planet.
Cheryl is a certified Life and Business Coach, Flow and Performance Consultant and uses
Wealth Dynamics in her global coaching practice. She has also worked as a consulting coach
to clients of the largest global network of entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs Institute for 4 years.
She began working with energy healing with people in her early teens with great results for
those she was serving. Since then she has trained and certified in numerous healing modalities
including Reiki, Theta DNA, High Frequency Energy Healing, Instant Miracle and Therapeutic

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